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presented as a part of Asia Topa, 27 feb – 1 mar 2020


Hades Fading (Hades Memudar) is a vocal and visual performance which re-imagines based on the Ancient Greek myth of Eurydice and Orpheus, it is set in the library of Hades, which is fading away in post-apocalyptic times with no humans left above to imagine it.

Hades Fading reflects on memory, media, belief, and the potential catastrophe awaiting humans if we don’t care for our world. With a sophisticated interweaving of English and Indonesian language, stunning projections, and an original score, performed live, reflecting on consumerism and its impact about the loss of ecosystems, loss of culture, and loss of old religions which venerate nature, themes relevant across borders and nations.

This project marks 22 years of vocal and multilingual collaboration between artists in Bandung and Melbourne. Hades Fading (Hades Memudar) has been developed over three stages, first at the Darebin Speakeasy in 2014, then in Bandung in January and August 2019, where it then had it’s first season at NuArt Sculpture Park.

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27 February 7.30pm
28 February 2pm & 7.30pm
29 February 7.30pm
(followed by post-show Q&A)
1 March 2pm

349 Drummond Street, Carlton
Tickets $30 full / $20 conc


Hades Fading (Hades Memudar) by mainteater

Written and Directed : Sandra Fiona Long | Translated : Dr. Safrina Noorman | Music direction : Ria Soemardjo | Performed : Heliana Sinaga, Rinrin Candraresmi, Wawan Sofwan, Godi Suwarna, Ria Soemardjo, Sisca Guzheng Harp, Dasep Sumardjani | Set design and Video : Deden Jalaludin Bulqini | Set design and costume : Emily Barrie | Lighting design : Aji Sangiaji | Sound technician : Pin Rada | Stage management : Dasep Sumardjani | Production Management : Bec Etchell | Make up : Rachmajati Nilakoesoemah | Produced : Osi Prisepti, Sahlan Mujtaba, Kath Papas | Photography credit and documentation : Muhammad Sa’iquddin Ashshofy (Musa Sa’iq) | Script consultancy : Maude Davey and Barbara Hatley Multilingual theatre consultant : Jodee Mundy |

Penulis naskah dan sutradara : Sandra Fiona Long | Penerjemah : Dr. Safrina Noorman | Penata musik : Ria Soemardjo | Pemain : Heliana Sinaga, Rinrin Candraresmi, Wawan Sofwan, Godi Suwarna, Ria Soemardjo, Sisca Guzheng Harp, Dasep Sumardjani | Penata panggung dan video : Deden Jalaludin Bulqini | Penata panggung dan kostum : Emily Barrie | Penata lampu : Aji Sangiaji | Penata suara : Pin Rada | Manajer panggung : Dasep Sumardjani | Manajer Produksi : Bec Etchell | Penata rias : Riasan: Rachmajati Nilakoesoemah | Produser : Osi Prisepti, Sahlan Mujtaba, Kath Papas | Fotografer dan dokumentasi : Muhammad Sa’iquddin Ashshofy (Musa Sa’iq) | Konsultan naskah : Maude Davey dan Barbara Hatley | Konsultan teater multibahasa : Jodee Mundy |


We are grateful to all support : Helen Soemardjo, Nyoman Nuarta & Chintiya Laksmi, Jais Darga, Anya Madiapoera, Keni S. Soeriaatmaja, Barbara Hatley, Ati Sriati, Taufik Faturohman, Een Rohaeni, Caitlin Dullard, Liz Jones, and all at La Mama, Dr. Yeti Mulyati M.Pd. Agus Bebeng, Nicholas Verso, Biddy Connor, Dan Witton, Ruth Sancho Huerga, Beau McCafferty and Darebin Speakeasy, ILBIJERRI Theatre Company, Finucane & Smith Unlimited, La Trobe University, Ibu Sri Dean.


“Deeply rooted in Indonesian performance styles, this spirit world lives through an air of ritual and stylised movement, through choric whisperings and ululations, and an eerie mixture of drone and chime, percussion and song. … Shadowplay has long featured in Indonesian theatre, and this 21st-century iteration – with lush projections from Deden Jalaludin Bulqini – is a triumph. **** 4 stars” Cameron Woodhead, The Age/SMH

Full review: https://www.smh.com.au/culture/theatre/cosmic-spectacle-and-apocalyptic-majesty-in-the-land-of-the-dead-20200228-p545bj.html

“Berakar pada gaya pertunjukan Indonesia, dunia roh hidup melalui suasana ritual dan pergerakan aksi, bisikan koor dan lolongan, dan campuran menyeramkan dengungan dan bebunyian, perkusi dan lagu… Permainan bayangan telah lama hadir di teater Indonesia, dan ini merupakan iterasi di abad 21 – dengan proyeksi yang berlimpah dari Deden Jalaludin Bulqini – adalah sebuah keberhasilan. **** 4 stars” Cameron Woodhead, The Age/SMH


“Presented at Asia TOPA, this collaboration between Indonesian theatre company Mainteater and Australian collaborators including producer Kath Papas and multilingual consultant Jodee Mundy is a thinly veiled warning about man’s disconnect with the physical world. Perhaps to underscore this, set designers Emily Barrie and Deden Bulqini obscure our vision of the stage with literal layers of gossamer. In an early scene, a chorus of faceless voices appear to come from an army of people, but when Aji Sangiaji’s light filters through, we realise there are only six people onstage. From this small but mighty team, we also get a rich soundscape, supported by singing and the live playing of instruments such as the guzheng, berimbau and Chinese flute. … the collaborators, some of whom have worked together for more than two decades, are well-matched, with an obvious sense of mutual respect permeating throughout the entire production. … There is no sense of where one ends and one begins, bringing home the message that we live in the same world; so too should we care deeply for its continued survival.” Arts Equator (Singapore)

Full review: https://artsequator.com/hades-fading-asiatopa/

“Disajikan di Asia TOPA, kolaborasi antara komunitas teater Indonesia, Mainteater, dan kolaborator Australia termasuk produser Kath Papas dan konsultan multibahasa Jodee Mundy adalah peringatan terselubung tentang keterputusan manusia dengan dunia fisik. Mungkin untuk menggarisbawahi hal ini, desainer Emily Barrie dan Deden Bulqini mengaburkan visi kami melalui panggung dengan lapisan kain halus. Dalam adegan awal, suara koor tanpa wajah tampaknya berasal dari sepasukan orang, tetapi ketika cahaya Aji Sangiaji menyinari, kami menyadari hanya ada enam orang di atas panggung. Dari tim kecil tapi perkasa ini, kami juga mendapatkan pemandangan suara yang kaya, didukung oleh nyanyian dan permainan instrumen seperti guzheng, berimbau, dan seruling Tiongkok. … para kolaborator, beberapa di antaranya telah bekerja sama selama lebih dari dua dekade, sangat serasi, dengan rasa saling menghormati yang jelas meresap di seluruh produksi. … Tidak terasa di mana seseorang berakhir dan seseorang memulai, membawa pulang pesan bahwa kita hidup di dunia yang sama; demikian pula kita harus sangat peduli untuk kelangsungan hidupnya. ” Arts Equator (Singapore)

Ulasan lengkap: https://artsequator.com/hades-fading-asiatopa/

“Hades Fading draws on Greek myth to examine an unfolding environmental crisis from an otherworldly perspective. In a stunning performance combining song, projection and a bilingual script, an extraordinary cast takes us on a return journey through Hades to our own world. This collaboration between Melbournian and Indonesian artists demonstrates art’s capacity to reach across cultures, uninhibited by linguistic or physical borders. By blending traditional arts with modern technology, Mainteater and their collaborators have created something truly spellbinding.” The Independent Arts Journal

Full review: http://popculture-y.com/2020/02/review-hades-fading-hades-memudar/


“Hades Fading mengacu pada mitos Yunani untuk memeriksa krisis lingkungan yang sedang berlangsung dari perspektif dunia lain. Dalam pertunjukan yang memukau dengan menggabungkan lagu, proyeksi, dan naskah multibahasa, pemeran luar biasa membawa kami dalam penjelajahan kembali melalui Hades ke dunia kami sendiri. Kolaborasi antara seniman Melbourne dan Indonesia ini menunjukkan kapasitas seni untuk menjangkau lintas budaya, tanpa terhambat oleh batas bahasa atau fisik. Dengan memadukan seni tradisional dan teknologi modern, Mainteater dan kolaboratornya telah menciptakan sesuatu yang benar-benar memukau.” The Independent Arts Journal

Ulasan lengkap: http://popculture-y.com/2020/02/review-hades-fading-hades-memudar/

“Godi Suwarna as Hades is positively frightening and commanding, capturing the sinister tones of his underworld realm. Rinrin Candraresmi as Persephone is beguiling while Heliana Sinaga as Eurydice provides an astonishing performance which demonstrates enormous stamina. Her character alternates between invoking trance-like states and making cynical gestures with a tone that captures a very contemporary belligerence. This gives her performance an amusing and surprising edge. Wawan Sofwan’s version of Orpheus carries all the regal presence of great music legends such as Elvis or Elton. This captures Orpheus’s selfish preoccupation with his musical talent with astonishing charm and the western cultural references blend well into the traditional elements of the performance. The effect is delightfully flamboyant. All of these characterisations are beautifully supported and rendered through the delicate and frequently eerie music performed by Ria Soemardjo and Sisca Guzheng Harp.” Stage Whispers

Full review: http://www.stagewhispers.com.au/reviews/hades-fading-hades-memudar

“Godi Suwarna sebagai Hades secara positif menakutkan dan berkuasa, menangkap nada jahat dari dunia bawah. Rinrin Candraresmi sebagai Persephone memesona sementara itu Heliana Sinaga sebagai Eurydice memberikan penampilan menakjubkan dengan stamina yang luar biasa. Karakternya berganti-ganti antara kondisi memohon seperti trance dan membuat gerakan dengan nada sinis menangkap perilaku agresif masa kini. Ini membuat penampilannya lucu dan mengejutkan. Orpheus versi Wawan Sofwan membawa semua legenda musik agung seperti Elvis atau Elton. Ini menyoroti keasyikan egois Orpheus dengan bakat bermusiknya dengan pesona yang menakjubkan dan referensi budaya barat berbaur dengan baik ke dalam elemen-elemen tradisional pertunjukan. Efeknya flamboyan yang menyenangkan. Semua karakterisasi itu didukung dan ditampilkan dengan indah melalui musik lembut dan sering kali menakutkan yang dimainkan oleh Ria Soemardjo dan Sisca Guzheng Harp. ” Stage Whispers

Ulasan lengkap: http://www.stagewhispers.com.au/reviews/hades-fading-hades-memudar

“Hades Fading (Hades Memudar) is breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly haunting as it speaks to forgetting the past and losing the lessons of old, inevitably heading to a future without human life. The cast constantly find themselves asking what language they are using, caught in a maelstrom of spoken word, music, and visual messaging. It makes me think of all the possibilities and information available in a globalised world which we are ignoring.” ***** 5 stars, What Did She Think?

Full review: http://www.whatdidshethink.com/2020/02/hades-fading-hades-memudar-theatre.html

“Hades Fading (Hades Memudar) sangat indah dan sangat menghantui karena bicara tentang melupakan masa lalu dan kehilangan pelajaran dari masa lalu, yang pasti menuju ke masa depan tanpa kehidupan manusia. Para pemain terus-menerus bertanya bahasa apa yang mereka gunakan, terperangkap dalam pusaran kata yang diucapkan, musik, dan pesan visual. Itu membuat saya memikirkan semua kemungkinan dan informasi yang tersedia di dunia global yang kita abaikan. ” ***** 5 stars, What Did She Think?

Ulasan lengkap: http://www.whatdidshethink.com/2020/02/hades-fading-hades-memudar-theatre.html