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Based on Peter Turrini ‘s ‘Endlich Schluss’
Translated to English and adapted by Sandra Long
Auslan translation by Jodee Mundy


Performed by:
Wawan Sofwan
Tiffany Ball
Jodee Mundy

Director: Sandra Long
Designer: Darryl Cordell
Lighting Designer: Katie Symes
LX operators: James Andersen and Evalina Djatmiko
Publicity by Amida Jones
Set Construction:
Darryl Cordell
Kellie Lawler
Phil Rolfe
Samuel Henderson
Assistant LX: LeRoy Parsons p

Thank you to Mums and Dads, Helen Herbertson, Richard Murphett, Trina Parker, Naomi, Susannah and Emma, Oftice staff, John Dutton, Chris Kohn, Bob, Zoy, Ba Ba Theatre, Craig Miller, Lauren Bain, Caroline Cowley, Q, Patrick and everyoneelse.

Wawan’s tour to Melbourne has been made possible by the sponsorship of The Indonesian Australian Arts Society, The Indonesian Forum, The Victorian College of the Arts, The Friends of the VCA and Sasana Pangarang Sunda.

Director ‘s note

This project was first discussed between Wawan and myself at the end of 1997, after, working together on ‘The Bottomless Well’. So much has happened since then in Indonesia the economy dropping to an all time low, the country reaching almost a stand still during days of rioting, the fragile change of leadership, absolute social turmoil and not to mention all the deaths and injury which have taken place; Throughout this difficult time Wawan, Evalina Djatmiko and I continued working hard to raise the support for this project to continue. I thank deeply everyone both here and in Indonesia who have helped us.

As Wawan is predominantly a text based actor in the Indonesian Language, to perform in Australia without an English interpreter would limit his potential audiences drastically, This has made me consider how the role of the interpreter could function in performance. I have always loved seeing Auslan interpreters at theatre performances, even though I don’t understand the language. When Jodee expressed her interest also in work which explores the potential of interpreters as a theatrical device, it seemed perfect to work with an Auslan as well as English interpretation of Wawan’s Indonesian. Co incidentally, Tiffany already knew some Auslan, and Jodee already knew some Indonesian.

We have found that the use of 3 languages works with the play’s themes of information overload and abuse of language. Also, we found that the presence of the two female figures on stage in relation to the tormented male character somehow supports the general theme of spiritual hunger in the text. Hope you enjoy, and any feed back you have would be invaluable.

Sandra Long is just completing a graduate diploma in Animateuring at the VCA (this is her graduate project). She has a degree in Drama and Indonesian language. In 1996 she studied in Indonesia by scholarship for 6 months, during which time she stayed at the Bengkel theatre Rendra Community. She Co wrote and directed Operation Dolores at La Mama Theatre in 1997, and Co wrote and performed in Rear Vision at La Mama in 1998, both with Theatre Membrane. In 1997 she performed with Wawan and Tiffany in ‘The Bottomless Well’, which toured to Java.

Darryl Cordell has recently completed a Graduate Diploma in theatre design at the VCA. His background is in Visual Art, especially sculpture. His hobbies include stamp collecting and reading newspapers. He wants to be a director. r

Wawan Sofwan is from Bandung, West Java. He decided on theatre as a career while doing a degree in chemistry. He is a member and instructor at Indonesia’s oldest contemporary theatre company, Studioklub Bandung. He worked as a consultant to theatre company’s in Bandung from 1993-1997, and is now a member of the West Java Arts Council, representing theatre. He won a Goethe Institut scholarship to study theatre in Berlin during 1995-1996. This is his third visit to perform in Melbourne.

Tiffany Ball has toured Victoria with Santosh Theatre company, performing in Indonesian and English at schools. Last year she completed her honours degree in Indonesian, translating a script by Aritin C, Noer. She also worked on ‘The Bottomless Well’ with Sandra and Wawan.

Jodee Mundy attended Newtown High School of the Performing Arts. She is a professional interpreter in Auslan and English. She completed lst year of a BA in Theatre Practice and Theory at the University of Westem Sydney, then moved to Melbourne at the beginning of the year where she graduated from NMIT with a diploma of Arts in Small Companies and Community Theatre. She has worked with the Australian Theatre of the Deaf, and has now set up “BA BA Theatre” which consists of 10 deaf and hearing signers and herself as director.

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