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Happy 1000… 1000 Bahagia

reviewed by Chi Vu
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October 2000

Happy 1000. . .1000 Banagia is a mesmerizing theatre experience utilising 3 languages – Indonesian, English and Auslan (sign language). A journalist holds a pistol to his head and decides to count to 1000 before shooting himself What follows is a nicely paced, sometimes surreal and hilarious; sometimes bewildering and hypnotic count-‘down’ to a man’s suicide attempt.

With 3 actors, each doing one of the 3 languages, there was scope for a lot of tacky translation of the same event, slowing the action down. Instead director Sandra Long manages to meld the 3 languages in continually interesting ways: each time revealing a different interaction, a different tension. The action seems effortless, using physical theatre, musicality, and blocking with a high degree of skill. The script is irreverent and cleverly structured, allowing a confident and uncluttered production.

The 3 actors, Wawan Sofwan, Jodee Mundy and Tiffany Ball deserve a mention. Wawan, with 10 years experience, has a great emotional range, switching from light-hearted absurdity to tension easily.

The set design by Darryl Cordell is pared down and yet chaotic with words, words, words at the same time. It is well suited to the script and performance. There is a great moment when the journalist has locked up all the words in his life in one big room, all the newspapers and letters and writings he has ever owned. And guess what? They escape.

Despite its current form, the script was adapted from a new work by Austrian playwright Peter Turrini, originally written in German. Alter its season at the Fringe, Happy 1000… 1000 Bahagia will tour to Indonesia.

Happy 1000…1000 Bahagia is at the Victorian Arts Centre, in the Black Box (Southbank entrance). It runs from October 17 to 22, Tues to Fri 8pm, Sat & Sun 3pm & Spm. Bookings: 9347-6142.

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