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Theater Review :
Happy 1000, 1000 Bahagia
Where & when: La Mama at The Black Box, until October 22,
Tuesday-Friday 8pm: Saturday and Sunday 3pm and 5pm

Reviewer: Kate Herbert

The play Happy 1000-1000 Bahagia is performed in Indonesian, English and Australian deaf sign language (Auslan).

The play, written by Pete Turrini, is originally in Austrian. Not only is Turrini’s text demanding and provocative, but also the collision of three langguages, the physical style and the dramatic content create a riveting performance.

As he counts in Indonesian, two women (Jodee Mundy and Tiffany Ball) count in English and Auslan. Yes, they really do count the whole way to 1000.

But there are diversions into the man’s last days, meeting neighbors and his translation job for a newspaper. The counting is mesmerising as it numbers off his last moments. The three count in rhythm, the numbers counterpointed like a musical score. The performances are compelling, particularly that of Sofwan, who is a sparkling presence on stage. Mundy has a brightness which enlivens her physical performance in Auslan and Ball provides the connection for those understanding only English.

Turrini writes with beauty and conviction, with a rich sense of the power of the mind in a state of depression and obsession.

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