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Sandra Fiona Long

Sandra Fiona Long works with performance, installation, multilingual and music based performance. Her work sees her collaborating across communities, cultures, abilities and generations alongside working with some of Australia and Indonesia’s most respected theatre artists. Some exciting experiences include collaborating with Indonesian company ‘Mainteater’ for 18 years, including directing and producing Urat Jagat  (Veins of the Universe), a bi-lingual production based on Sundanese contemporary poetry in Indonesia February 2015, and directing and translating trilingual ‘Happy 1000 1000 Bahagia’ (Fringe award Innovation of Form, Green Room Nominee 2000) in Auslan, Indonesian language and English 2000 and 2007, a Ross Trust Script Development award for her script ‘Duets for Lovers and Dreamers’, bringing together performers across generations, performed in 2010 at fortyfivedownstairs and working with the Migrant Resource Centre Northwest over the past 2 years to develop a performance with community members for International Day of peoples with a Disability. Sandra directed community theatre company DVA theatre for 5 years, devising and directing ‘River of Dreams’  ‘City of Dreams’ and ‘Tall Words’, all travelling music based performances, was director of script for shadow puppet performance ‘Some Faces You Know’ created with homeless people through the St Vincent DePaul, which was based on participants experiences of the food van, and directed Chi Vu’s multilingual ‘Vietnam a Psychic Guide’ in Vietnamese and English.  After a fellowship at the State Library of Victoria in 2011 she created ‘The Wind in Bminor’, QLD Museum 2013, The Beaufort Wind Lounge for The 24 Hour experience in 2014, and ‘Shadows and Wind’ workshop for Artplay in May 2015, all exploring wind technologies and mythologies, and continues to develop this project as a celebration of wind and the potential of wind technology. She has just recently created and performed a solo work at La Mama Theatre ‘Pancake Opus 100’, based on the themes of isolation and single parenthood, and her new work ‘Birdcage Thursdays’, a play about the complexities of hoarding, was programmed in the Big West Festival in partnership with La Mama theatre with support from NEWEST funding via Australia Council.